Channeled Readings


A Michael reading is an Invitation for your Soul to come out from under the heavy influence of your personality,
in order to make a real, meaningful inquiry.

Making An Appointment For A Michael Reading With Mary:

For an in person reading:

Just call 505-820-6022 to schedule. Mary offers readings in person if you are in the Santa Fe area.

For phone readings:

Send a check to P.O. Box 2787 Santa Fe NM 87504

Please include your phone number; when I receive your check w/ phone number I will call you to schedule.

You can also send an undated check to keep onfile with me for a reading at a future date. In that case you would just call 505-820-6022 to let me know you are ready to schedule your reading and I will call you back.

Mary offers appointments Tuesdays through Saturdays. She requires 24 hour cancelation or you will be charged for a missed session. Messages can be left at 505-820-6022 to cancel.

Rates: $180/hour and $100/half hour

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye.

- Antoine De Saint Exupery

Preparing For A Reading:

“You are spiritual beings learning from the human condition” Michael

Many people have told me, over the years of channeling Michael, that as soon as they make their appointment for the reading they can feel Michael’s presence. This certainly can be true due to the power of your intention to make a meaningful inquiry, and of course, the telepathic connection, which is actually always available to the spirit world. So, based on that, it is good to jot down the basic themes or questions that you are aware of right when you make the appointment. Then, later, just before you call for the reading, tune in a bit more deeply, even if it is just the next morning, because it is likely that your ability to ask your questions will be more clear.scancirculo

Michael has always placed great emphasis on the extraordinary usefulness of well prepared questions for a reading, not necessarily how many, but how well your questions are “poking at the truth.” This might mean, for instance, that in addition to chronicling the obvious situations that your questions are referring to, you would spend more quiet time tuning into how you are feeling about the situation, or what physical sensations may come up when you think about issues, and including that in your opening discussion with Michael. This approach will take you into deeper levels of investigation and useful work much more quickly.

One never knows how Michael is going to respond, but please know that the entity Michael is devoted to guiding us to see where we have choices to find freedom and truth of heart, mind and soul (essence). Michael will always try to enable us to find ways to relieve us from our, often, self-imposed suffering.

You may wish to make a more in depth study of Michael’s views on human life; go to