Mary was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 12, 1954, on a full moon in Aquarius. Mary has indentified herself primarily as an artist ever since she can remember. Mary was raised in a strict Catholic household by hard-working, loving parents. She never felt comfortable with the trappings of organized religion, yet she always felt the comfort of “spiritual presence” around her. As a teenager she made an extensive study of world religions and also started to be aware of a psychic awareness in herself that other people apparently did not seem to notice in themselves.In 1976, when Mary was twenty-two years old, a friend gave her the book, Messages From Michael, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, saying “you should read this, it sounds like the way you think about things.” Upon being assured by the entity Michael, in the last few pages of the book that “we are a teaching entity, and we are available to anyone who has questions,” Mary, in a typical twenty-two-year-old-Forrest-Gump-sort-of-way, began to ask questions and began to bring Michael’s answers through the Ouji board. This led to refferrals by friends, who were practitioners of various healing arts, of their patients and clients to the beautiful process of inquiry that Michael conducts. Mary studied light trance voice channeling with the spiritualist, Robert Dubiel of Chicago, Illinois in the late seventies, early eighties.

Mary’s college degree is in Art Education. She has been a graphic designer, stage and mask designer, painter, printmaker and theater and fine arts teacher. Currently, in addition to the channeling work and doing her own art, Mary teaches art and stagecraft part time at the Santa Fe Waldorf High School. Mary has a beautiful, nineteen year old daughter, Ona Gabrielle Yopack, and a loving partner, Dominique Chevaucher. The family of animals include Sylvie, Zhu Zhu, Mia, Jorge, Inuit and Toko.